ESP8266 and IoT

The research from the last week about Smart Home was a bitter surprise for me. It seemed that only way how to get IoT is to pay a lot of money to vendors.

Today I sumbled upon great web Open Home Automation where Marco Schwartz publishes articles about home automation in easy to read form. His focus is on open hardware.

One particular piece of tech caught my attention ESP8266.

The problem of building stuff with classic Arduino board is that the price is relatively high. ESP8266 removes even this problem.

Here is great and funny talk from OSCON 2016 – Alasdair Allan

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2 Responses to “ESP8266 and IoT”

  • Václav Šlajs says:

    ESP8266 is really great and cheap chip, you can even program it in python or javascript. I recomend wemos d1 mini pro. Wemos also offers many hats, e.g. relay hat that you can use for your lamp. You can find all wemos product on aliexpress for good price :)

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  • It works like a charm. I just uploaded the code from to WeMos D1 Mini WiFi ESP8266 Development board and I was able to turn on/off the led from mobile phone on WiFi.

    The next step for me is to connect the relay shield, but I need to get micro-soldering device.

    The ESP8266 is real breakthrough in my opinion. It combines:
    – low price
    – low power consumption
    – small size
    – reasonable coding capabilities
    – secure wireless communication
    – no need for central server

    Thanks to for providing HW so fast (even during weekend).

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