21. June 2011

Writing Python scripts for Blender with Intellij IDEA

Blender is powerful 3D modelling tool. What makes it really powerful is support for Python.

I was playing little bit with configuration of Intellij IDEA and I found out that it is possible to use Intellij IDEA for developing Python scripts for Blender.

Here is video tutorial:

Update 23.06.2011: Video tutorial was recorded for Blender 2.57. There is small change in Blende 2.58 – scripts are located in Program Files directory, like: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.58\scripts\modules

Some useful links:

5. June 2011

Collajader 0.5 – some improvements

Collajader 0.5 is available.


  • added rendering monitor
  • load 3DS files from URL
  • material properties are loaded from file

Note: UI is still not very friendly. Primary purpose of this application is feature test of Alternativa 3D.

You can test demo at project page.


5. June 2011

Blender 2.57 – how to change font size of UI

Blender has a very small font in UI elements. This is quite problematic when you’re using high resolution. It’s quite hard to read tiny letters.

I spent several minutes searching for the option how to change font size.

It’s quite easy, but not obvious.

Go to File menu, select User Preferences. Select the last tab System.

Change option DPI in section General.

Change resolution to desired DPI.

It’s the first option, but it took me several minutes to realize that changing this value will result into a bigger font. 🙂

26. May 2011

Slides – AUG Slovakia – 3D world – Flash and HTML5

Slides from AUG Slovakia – 26.5.2011 – Bratislava

25. May 2011

Collajader 0.4 is now open source

Collajader is simple tool for testing Collada format and rendering performance of 3D engine.

Version 0.4 supports Aleternativa 3D 7 engine.

You can test application on the web or you can grab a source code from GitHub.

Feel free to send me a feedback 🙂

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