24. May 2011

26.5 – AUG – Bratislava – CS5.5, Android and more

When? 18:00.

Where? IBL Software Engineering

Further details about event are at groups.adobe.com or at emglare.com.

Feel free to join meeting.

4. May 2011

FlashBuilder 4.5 – CTRL 1 – Quick Assist

New CS5.5 is here. You can download it from adobe.com.

I strongly recommend to test it. CS5.5 contains many useful features.

One very interesting feature for Flex developers is hidden behind CTRL 1 keyboard shortcut.

CTRL 1 opens Quick Assist tool. It’s context dependent. Quick Assist could help you with some routine tasks in development.

It is worthy to mention that there is also CTRL 3 shortcut. This shortcut came from Eclipse and it helps you to quickly invoke anything what IDE provides.

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