6. March 2011

Standard Slide in 3D – WebGL

I was playing little bit with GLGE library.

Ermanno Balzi’s Standard Slide is now in 3D. You can test it here. Just wait few seconds after displaying stage. It will take some time to download model.

Requirements: browser with WebGL support. In these days it is Google Chrome or Firefox 4.

Here is sample screenshot:

Do you need more examples of WebGL in real world? Go to WebGL Earth.

8. January 2011

How to dump POST response from server

In previous “POST” I mentioned solution how to dump client’s POST request at server side.

What about POST respose?

Start Firefox. Open Firebug Network monitor and…

… and it does not work properly for POST response.

Let’s try different solution. Start Opera. Open Dragonfly Network monitor and..

… and it does not work for POST response. Not implemented yet?

That is quite sad situation, but don’t worry there is simple solution.

There is plugin for Firefox known as HttpFox which works very well. (thanks to E. for link)

I would like to mention also one other tool known as Fideler2. It’s Windows application which allows you to track all HTTP communication from your computer.

Then there is another solution known as Wireshark. The only problem is that Wireshark does not work on Windows with some wireless interfaces.

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