5. June 2011

Web based file uploader – uploading more than 100 MB

Klokantech.com provides new commercial version of web based File Uploader.

This uploader is able to upload more than 100 MB file.

Solution is combining HTML5 with Flash fallback for older browsers.

File Uploader is able to upload data to Amazon S3, Google App Engine or own infrastructure.

3. June 2011

Gotcha – performance on iOS and Android – Flash Builder – debug vs release

Several developers mentioned tricky gotcha of Flex and ActionScript apps on iOS and Android.

Flash Builder produces debug version of code by default. Debug code contains a lot of additional stuff that slow down application on target device. E.g. You’ll get 5-8 fps. That is very poor.

In order to test performance make sure that you’re using release version of project without debug information. Same code will work much faster – e.g. 20-24 fps.

28. May 2011

Flash Memory Monitor

Simple memory monitor which displays total memory usage of Flash Players in browser. Original code is from: flexponential.com.

I just removed some UI components.

Some links:

You can also reuse package published here and embed this monitor in your app:

<iframe src="http://georgik.rocks/wp-content/flex/memory-monitor/0.1/MemoryMonitor.html" 
width="400" height="150" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" 

You can also just open this app and see what is going on with memory usage of Flash Player.

26. May 2011

Slides – AUG Slovakia – 3D world – Flash and HTML5

Slides from AUG Slovakia – 26.5.2011 – Bratislava

25. May 2011

Collajader 0.4 is now open source

Collajader is simple tool for testing Collada format and rendering performance of 3D engine.

Version 0.4 supports Aleternativa 3D 7 engine.

You can test application on the web or you can grab a source code from GitHub.

Feel free to send me a feedback 🙂

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