27. May 2011

WebCam Toolbox 0.1 is now open source

WebCam Toolbox is useful for speakers. This tool allows to display view from web camera during presentation.

Just start application and select web camera source.

Install WebCamp Toolbox just by click:

Some links:

Note: Adobe AIR is required in order to install this application. You can download it from http://get.adobe.com.air.

Further information about project is at WebCam Toolbox project page.

19. May 2011

Žilina – Conference – Open source in research and IT solutions

OSSConf 2011

You can find more details at OSSConf 2011 web page.

11. April 2011

OpenBSD song: The Answer

Play: [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/videos/song49.mp3″ text=”OpenBSD 4.9 – The Answer”]

You can find out more about this song at OpenBSD release song page.

20. March 2011

Free RIA tools

Adobe launched simple web site with list of RIA tools available for free.

You can find there more information about free version of Flash Builder.

List is quite small, but do not forget that there are many other useful resources available for free: opensource.adobe.com, riaforge.org, wonderfl.net.

9. March 2011

Riaforge.org – Open Source projects

Riaforge.org is site where you can find a lot of open source projects built on Adobe technology.

You can find there extensions for Photoshop, Flex libraries or even LiveCycle extensions.

Thanks to Kai Koenig for this link.

BTW: Further open source projects supported by Adobe are located at opensource.adobe.com.

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