5. March 2011

IE 6 Countdown

IE 6 is one of the biggest blocker of innovation in web technologies. IE 6 is eating hours and hours of developer’s time.

Some goverments stubbornly require support of this “ancient” application.

Christian Heilmann has been talking about this problem for several years.

Usage of IE 6 is falling. 12% in February. You can watch the departure of IE 6 from computer stage at: ie6countdown.com

3. March 2011

Srobick – Annotator – sneak peek

We added new feature to Srobick platform – code name is Annotator.
It allows you to create editable annotation of web pages, images and screenshots.

Slovak version of video:

English version of video:

Account in Srobick system is available upon request. Just send me an e-mail.

Some features will be accessible in future release even without Srobick system account. Stay tuned.