9. May 2012

qr.sinusgear.com – update

Few months ago I wrote simple application for rendering QR code on the fly in web browser.

The problem was that user was not able to send a link to another user with pre-generated qr code.

Now it is quite simple. Use address like: http://qr.sinusgear.com/?q=http://m.eventsaround.me

New version of qr.sinusgear.com will display link and qr code as you type.

31. December 2011

PF 2012

[SK] Nájdi cestu k pokladu.
[EN] Find a path to the treasure. ­čśë

[SK] Odkaz na aplikáciu.
[EN] Link to application.

Note: Map is based on one geocache puzzle.

30. June 2011

HTML5 WebGL/Canvas – Standard Slide – sneak peek

Year ago we developed application for navigating in Standard Slide catalog. It was written in Flex and still it’s serving very well.

This year we decided to make further step and we’re preparing version in HTML5. Not only that. We would like to show 3D models right in the browser.

Many thanks to Three.js for great Canvas/WebGL library.

I’ll share small sneak peek with you. I recommend to view it in Google Chrome or Firefox 4+ which has support for WebGL. Other modern browsers supports Canvas and 3D model will be displayed there as well.

Application is not finished yet. Models are in prototype version. We have to fix some issues, but it nicely demonstrates power of HTML5.

Update: You can test newer version 0.6

Test Standard Slide 3D version 0.6.

26. May 2011

Slides – AUG Slovakia – 3D world – Flash and HTML5

Slides from AUG Slovakia – 26.5.2011 – Bratislava