1. March 2021

Lenovo T14 CPU locked at 0.8 GHz on Windows

Users with brand new Lenovo T14 might face strange behavior on Windows. The computer seems to be slow and the detail of CPU usage displays a constant CPU speed set to 0.8 GHz.

The problem can be solved by upgrading BIOS. Drivers can be found at pcsupport.lenovo.com

1. December 2020

How to switch tabs in Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is very versatile shell for Windows which allows to run CMD, PowerShell or Linux in WSL2. The terminal also supports tabs.

To switch between tabs you can use:

  • CTRL+Tab – switch to next tab
  • CTRL+Shift+Tab – switch to previous tab
  • If you’d like to use own keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+PgUp, CTRL+PgDown, then just open Settings CTRL+, and enter following code into section actions:

    ..."actions":  [
      { "command": "nextTab", "keys": "ctrl+pgdn" },
      { "command": "prevTab", "keys": "ctrl+pgup" }

1. October 2020

How to display Debug Console with output from the application in Xcode

When you hit Build and Run button in Xcode the application will start.

If everything is ok you should see messages from the application displayed in the lower right part of Xcode window. The Console output contains text printed by the application.

Sometimes it might happen that there is no Console output window. How to fix it?

Here is small tip for Xcode developers.

To show/hide the Console click the icon Show/Hide the console in the lower right corner. It’s the last icon on the lower right side of the panel.

21. September 2020

How to install upgrade of Xcode 12 when there are just few GBs free on the mac

Xcode was always a big bundle. Each release was slightly bigger and an user has to remove some software to install the upgrade.

The release of Xcode 12 is way bigger and it requires more than 40 GB of free disk space to install the upgrade.

The question is: How to install Xcode 12 when there is nothing else to delete?

Simply: Go to Launchpad and throw Xcode to Recycle Bin to uninstall the current version of Xcode.

This step will release the space consumed by Xcode 11. The delete process will take several minutes and you can check your disk for free space.

df -h

Once you have sufficient disk space then open App Store, search for Xcode and perform new installation.

2. September 2020

Kubeapps missing permission when installing by Helm

Kubeapps allows you to create service catalog in Kubernetes cluster.

You can deploy Kubeapps to the cluster using Helm. Helm is pretty cool and the app should work out of box.

What if you encounter following errors:

Web interface is not accessible:

Sorry! Something went wrong.
Unable to load Kubeapps configuration: Network Error

Tiller proxy is crashing immediatelly after installation:

kubeapps-internal-tiller-proxy-... 0/1     CrashLoopBackOff

Web interface displays error after login:

Sorry! Something went wrong.
You don't have sufficient permissions to use the namespace kubeapps

App Repositories also displays error:

App Repositories
You don't have sufficient permissions to fetch App Repositories in all namespaces
Ask your administrator for the following RBAC roles:

list apprepositories (kubeapps.com) in all namespaces.
See the documentation for more info on access control in Kubeapps.

The reason for the error might be simple. You’re using Helm 3 to install the application and in that case you must specify following parameter when starting installation:

--set useHelm3=true

How to fix the situation? Uninstall Kubeapps and install it again with the parameter:

helm uninstall kubeapps
helm install kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps --set useHelm3=true

If the problem still persists, check the definition of clusterrolebinding. It might happen that it’s defined for namespace ‘default’. Change it to ‘kubeapps’:

kubectl edit clusterrolebinding kubeapps-operator

Change namespaces from default to kubeapps, save it. Reload the web interface. The catalog should start working.