18. March 2011

Collajader 0.3 – web preview of Collada format

Update: Collajader 0.2 was released. Check videos below.

Update 2: Collajader 0.3 was released. Added support for orbit camera.

There are several 3D libraries for Flash which are able to display 3D model in RIA application.

Tools like Blender and CAD/CAM software are able to generate Collada format (.dae). Alternativa3D support this format. You can load Collada file directly into application with Alternativa3D.

The only problem of exported model is that it contains a lot of other information that you do not need for rendering.

I created simple tool Collajader which is able to display content defined in Collada format in the web browser. You don’t need to start any 3D software and you can still finetune some details of the model.

Here is small screencast which shows how it works.

Update for version 0.2

You can access application here: Collajader 0.3.

Please, let me know if you find this application interesting.

6. March 2011

Standard Slide in 3D – WebGL

I was playing little bit with GLGE library.

Ermanno Balzi’s Standard Slide is now in 3D. You can test it here. Just wait few seconds after displaying stage. It will take some time to download model.

Requirements: browser with WebGL support. In these days it is Google Chrome or Firefox 4.

Here is sample screenshot:

Do you need more examples of WebGL in real world? Go to WebGL Earth.