14. February 2017

Manual import of activities to Garmin Connect

Garmin is constantly improving Garmin Connect service.

One change which occurred on February 14, 2017, was that possibility for manual upload disappeared from Activities. This feature is sometimes very handy.

It took me a while to figure out where is the new place for manual upload.

Garmin moved it to the sidebar with Profile under Import data.

They also improved the feature and now you can drag’n’drop multiple files for upload. New uploader is much more advanced.

Good job Garmin. Just next time I recommend to display changelog or small hint about changes.

30. August 2014

SimulANT+ Scripting Interface CHM – Windows help does not display content

I was testing SimulANT+ software from www.thisisant.com. Application was working without problem, but document with API was not readable. Only index was visible, but no content.

The API documentation is stored in file SimilANT+ Scripting Interface.chm. The problem with CHM content is classical gotcha on Windows.

When you download ZIP with CHM then Windows will automatically mark this file as downloaded from Internet. You have to unblock content of file manually.


Other alternative is to use 7-zip or other extractor which does not keep this flag.

Note: SimulANT+ has Python API, hooray! 🙂

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