28. December 2013

PF 2014

This year I have new game for you. 🙂

Goal is simple: connect stars and create constellations.

There are 12 levels. Game begins with simple constellation. Each next level is harder and harder.

You can play this game on tablet, phone or computer.

Version for Android devices: en_generic_rgb_wo_45pf2014-qr-code

Web version:



Source code is available at GitHub.

Technological background: application is written in JavaScript and CSS3, no Cavnas. Used libraries: Cordova, AngularJS, jQuery, Font Awesome.

Constellation maps were created by Tracing Paper JS tool.

Check out older PF games:

I wish you all the best in year 2014. 🙂

22. December 2012

PF 2013

[SK] Pomôž snehuliakovi nájsť vianočný stromček.
[EN] Help little snowman to find Xmas tree. 😉


Open just PF 2013 game (useful for mobile).

Check out older PF:

Grab source code from GitHub. Images edited by Photoshop CS6. 🙂

31. December 2011

PF 2012

[SK] Nájdi cestu k pokladu.
[EN] Find a path to the treasure. 😉

[SK] Odkaz na aplikáciu.
[EN] Link to application.

Note: Map is based on one geocache puzzle.