How to use PowerShell in IntelliJ Idea terminal instead of cmd

IntelliJ Idea has support for embedded terminal. That’s handy because you do not need to open extra window just for a terminal.

The default configuration of IntelliJ on Windows is installed with old-school cmd.exe. It’s quite easy to replace it by PowerShell.

Go to Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S). Search for word “terminal“. Select Tools – Terminal.

Change Shell path option from cmd.exe to


Press OK and start new Terminal window.

I recommend to use Dracula theme which is a little bit more readable than the white theme.

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18. May 2017 at 20:38 - Software engineering (Tags: , , ).

  • Enver Osmanov

    I just changed to simple “powershell.exe”, not full path. (Windows 10)

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