1. January 2017

Excellent talks from GOTO Stockholm 2016

I’d like to share with you references to great talks from GOTO Stockholm 2016 related to software development. These speakers are talking about concepts and ideas that are definitely breaking comfort zone of software development.

It is not just Microservices – Fred George

Key takeaway: “If you are doing iteration cycles by two or three weeks and you did it last year or year before. You’re not agile anymore. You should be going faster and faster.”

Software that Fits in Your Head – Dan North

Key takeway: “This is uncomfortable truth. Code is not an asset. Code is the cost.”

11. December 2011

How to find conference?

There are many conferences around the world and it is hard to monitor them all.

I found useful site ConfRadar.com.

You just need to specify your favorite tags and you’ll get e-mail notification about conferences.

19. May 2011

Žilina – Conference – Open source in research and IT solutions

OSSConf 2011

You can find more details at OSSConf 2011 web page.

20. February 2011

EuroPython 2011 – Florence

EuroPython will be this year in Italy – Florence.

When? 20.-26. 6. 2011

Speakers can submit their talk. Call for paper is now open.

You can find further information at: ep2011.europython.eu.

Twitter: @europython