2. February 2013

IntelliJ Idea must have plugin – Key promoter

Reading through document with keyboard shortcuts for IDE is boring and often you do not have time to learn it.

Dmitry Kashin wrote simple yet powerfull plugin for IntelliJ Idea – Key Promoter.

It simply displays keyboard shortcuts whenever it is possible to speed up your work.


31. December 2012

Syntax highlight does not work in IntelliJ Idea for .jade – solution

Jade Templating Engine is popular in Node.js world. There is also plugin for IntelliJ Idea which has support this format.

If you open .jade file in Idea and there is no syntax highlight then there is something wrong.

Most common mistake is that people open .jade file before installing plugin and they choose Text editor to open this file. Idea remembers this decision and after installing plugin it will always open .jade files in basic Text editor without syntax highlight.

Correction is quite easy. You need to fix file extension association.

Open Settings – Editor – File Types. Find Jade and add *.jade file extension.


21. June 2011

Writing Python scripts for Blender with Intellij IDEA

Blender is powerful 3D modelling tool. What makes it really powerful is support for Python.

I was playing little bit with configuration of Intellij IDEA and I found out that it is possible to use Intellij IDEA for developing Python scripts for Blender.

Here is video tutorial:

Update 23.06.2011: Video tutorial was recorded for Blender 2.57. There is small change in Blende 2.58 – scripts are located in Program Files directory, like: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.58\scripts\modules

Some useful links:

6. June 2011

IntelliJ – new Flex project – error #2032

IntelliJ Idea Ultimate has great support for Flex projects.

There are few gotchas that you have to deal with.

When you set up project, compile it and open it in browser you can get very common error #2032 in Flash Player.

This indicates that you have some problem with RSL libraries. I already wrote some posts about RSL troubleshooting.

In case of Intellij Idea just add following line to Additional compiler settings (Modules – Flex – Flex Compiler Settings):


This option causes that compiler links RSL into final SWF. The file is bigger, but you can be sure that it will work without #2032.

This option could help you for the time being.


17. May 2011

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 with improved Flex/AIR support is here

Hooray! :-)

New features in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Flex developers:

  • Move inner ActionScipt class to Package refactoring.
  • Introduce variable/field refactorings improvements.
  • Full cycle of Mobile AIR applications development support.