Blender 2.57 – how to change font size of UI

Blender has a very small font in UI elements. This is quite problematic when you’re using high resolution. It’s quite hard to read tiny letters.

I spent several minutes searching for the option how to change font size.

It’s quite easy, but not obvious.

Go to File menu, select User Preferences. Select the last tab System.

Change option DPI in section General.

Change resolution to desired DPI.

It’s the first option, but it took me several minutes to realize that changing this value will result into a bigger font. :-)

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12 years ago

thx. idnt bother to twiddle with dpi as it doesnt sound relevant. word of advise . dont let relevance be an excuse no to rtfm.:)

10 years ago

Don’t forget to “save user settings”

9 years ago

Thanks a lot man, I was loosing my sight with those microscopic texts and icons!

9 years ago

You’re Awesome!!! Thanks.

There are other individual font size adjustments under user preferences, but I couldn’t enlarge the mesh display numbers.

FINALLY, thanks to you I can read everything \(^o^)/

9 years ago

Just got a 4K monitor … Life saver!

8 years ago

Thanks for this advise.

I really have to applaud the Blender team for their commendable implementation of the dpi settings. It really scales perfectly!

8 years ago

works like a charm! Thanks a lot for the tip ;)

For other piece of sofwares like Photoshop or Dreamweaver, you can try this solution here:

7 years ago

Brilliant. Just to note – “General” section is under System tab. Many thanks

Frifta Orellana
7 years ago

Thank you! You saved my head!

7 years ago

thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fadi R
7 years ago

Thanks so much! It should also be mentioned that the DPI setting will be found in the System Tab of the User Preferences.

7 years ago

Brilliant observation, works like crack cocaine. I can see icons and details now…. phewwww

Kirril Studios
7 years ago

You save my ass men!

7 years ago

thanks so much. I was short before giving up on my 4K notebook screen. The fonts were so tiny it was not funny anymore.

Fli Girl
7 years ago

omg thank you!!!

7 years ago


Maarten van der Velde
6 years ago

Or, if you want to increase the font-size in one particular panel of the UI: CTRL+MMB and then move mouse up or down.

6 years ago

Thank you Maarten for the interesting tip.