5. June 2011

Collajader 0.5 – some improvements

Collajader 0.5 is available.


  • added rendering monitor
  • load 3DS files from URL
  • material properties are loaded from file

Note: UI is still not very friendly. Primary purpose of this application is feature test of Alternativa 3D.

You can test demo at project page.


27. May 2011

Collajader Mobile 0.4

Yesterday I made port of Collajader 3D tester to Android. Port was quite simple. The only problem was how to replace mx:Canvas in Spark architecture. It’s quite easy, use s:SpriteVisualElement.

You can test performance of Alternativa 3D on Android platform. UI is clumsy. Primary goal of this release was just to test behavior of Alternativa 3D 7 on Android. It seems that it works 😉

Download APK: Collajader Mobile v0.4 for Android, grab source code from GitHub.

Install Collajader Mobile 0.4 for Android via QR code:

You can find some further details at Collajader project page

26. May 2011

Slides – AUG Slovakia – 3D world – Flash and HTML5

Slides from AUG Slovakia – 26.5.2011 – Bratislava

25. May 2011

Collajader 0.4 is now open source

Collajader is simple tool for testing Collada format and rendering performance of 3D engine.

Version 0.4 supports Aleternativa 3D 7 engine.

You can test application on the web or you can grab a source code from GitHub.

Feel free to send me a feedback 🙂

24. May 2011

26.5 – AUG – Bratislava – CS5.5, Android and more

When? 18:00.

Where? IBL Software Engineering

Further details about event are at groups.adobe.com or at emglare.com.

Feel free to join meeting.

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