17. August 2011

Problem with jQueryMobile application in Internet Explorer

I was building application based on jQueryMobile.

It worked correctly in all modern browsers except Internet Explorer. Application was displayed incorrectly and it was not functioning at all.

Solution to this problem was quite easy. I forgot to specify following line in the beginning of document:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Application started to work correctly also in IE after this small fix.

5. March 2011

IE 6 Countdown

IE 6 is one of the biggest blocker of innovation in web technologies. IE 6 is eating hours and hours of developer’s time.

Some goverments stubbornly require support of this “ancient” application.

Christian Heilmann has been talking about this problem for several years.

Usage of IE 6 is falling. 12% in February. You can watch the departure of IE 6 from computer stage at: ie6countdown.com

5. January 2011

HTML5 native video

Do you want to embed video in your web site?

Oh, that’s easy. Just use video tag. 🙂

Really? It’s little bit more complicated right now.

Stephanie Sullivan Rewis from W3Conversions explains details about HTML5 video and how to use fallbacks. She explains how to get rid of some quirks caused by modern web browsers.

Part 1: Understanding HTML5

Part 2: Getting started

Part 3: Maximizing HTML5 video access with Flash

Part 4: Flash with HTML5 fallback – choosing path

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