22. October 2017

SDL2_image for iOS with JPEG image format

Adding SDL2_image with JPEG support for iOS is a little bit different than for Android. In case of Android, it was necessary to add JPEG library in C and build it. iOS has JPEG dependency hidden in another library which is already compiled in frameworks.

If you just add SDL2_image to your project for iOS, you will very likely end up with following linker error:

"_kUTTypeJPEG", referenced from ...
Linker command failed with exit code 1

To resolve this issue, it is sufficient to add two dependencies into your project.

Go to Project and select Build Phases.

In the section Linking add library: ImageIO.framework

Then add the second dependency: MobileCoreServices.framework

Then Clean and Build the project.

These steps should resolve the linker issue, and JPEG should work.

8. January 2014

The story behind PF2014 – Cordova – slides

Slides available in formats: PDFSlideShare

Web version: http://pf2014.sinusgear.com
Mobile versions: Android, App Store, Amazon
Source code: GitHub

14. June 2011

Air 2.7 – performance improvement for iOS apps

AIR 2.7 was released! Many new things and improvements. AIR now supports Mac, Win, Android and Blackberry devices.

You can use JavaScript, ActionScript, HTML, MXML or native code to build your application.

See full article at blogs.adobe.com.

3. June 2011

Gotcha – performance on iOS and Android – Flash Builder – debug vs release

Several developers mentioned tricky gotcha of Flex and ActionScript apps on iOS and Android.

Flash Builder produces debug version of code by default. Debug code contains a lot of additional stuff that slow down application on target device. E.g. You’ll get 5-8 fps. That is very poor.

In order to test performance make sure that you’re using release version of project without debug information. Same code will work much faster – e.g. 20-24 fps.

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