5. May 2013

Materiály z prednášky: Ať se z kódu nepráší 2013

Prednáška vo formáte: PDFSlideShare.

Zdrojové kódy sú k dispozícii: https://github.com/georgik/fimuni-c-cpp-examples

25. September 2012

StarCube – Git, Jenkins and Chuck

New run of StarCube startup accelerator is here.

I prepared small presentation about Git and CI system Jenkins. You can find slides at SlideShare or download it as PDF.

Linus Torvalds talk about Git – 2007

19. February 2011

Jenkins – Continuous integration for ActionScript projects

Few months ago we launched Hudson Continuous Integration service for ActionScript projects.

Meanwhile, project Hudson was renamed to Jenkins CI. We updated software to latest version of Jenkins CI and moved it to new location http://ci.sinusgear.com.

The goal of this service is to provide CI functionality for community. If you have your own open source Flash/Flex project let us know. We will add your project into the list.

Actual list of open source projects: AS3 Signals, AS3Corelib, Flixel, Mate framework, Parsley, PicasaFlash API, PushButton Engine, Robotlegs, Swiz.

Maintainer of CI system is Michal Gron.