13. May 2021

Windows on Lenovo T14 is sluggish after resuming from sleep? Simple solution.

One thing that you might notice on Lenovo T14 with Windows is that sometimes the whole system is sluggish, UI is not responsive. One solution is to reboot the computer and then it works without problem.
The problem occurs more often when you turn on “Night light” feature which changes the color of the whole UI.
The issue seems to be caused by some power management. To workaround, the issue clicks the battery icon and dial-up Power mode to Best Performance.

The Best Performance setting does not apply just to situations when the computer is on battery, it also changes behavior when the computer is connected to a power supply. Best Performance will also enable fans to operate at a higher speed so the computer will be noisier, but it will give you an extra nuget of CPU power.

29. May 2013

Solution: KVM guest IO very slow

One problem of virtual server based on qemu KVM is that IO operations are slow in some cases.

The most common reason is that virtual disks are stored on RAID and virtual is using default HDD configuration.

It is recommended to turn off cache and set io operations to native:

<driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='none' io='native'/>

There is very good article at serverfault. You can find there further explanations.