3. March 2012

Video – YSoft SafeQ 4 Launch Event in Prague

Check out cool videos from SafeQ 4 Launch Event in Prague.


19. July 2011

Mobile First! Video – aDevCamp Prague

Video recording from my talk about Flex, Flash Builder and Android development is available (only Slovak version).


21. May 2011

aDevCamp Prague – slides and links

Box2D Engine: Box2D, Lee Brimelow – GotoAndLearn()

Web: aDevCamp.cz

17. May 2011

Smooth workflow for mobile development

World of mobile devices is quite complex. Increasing number of operating systems and platforms is spliting market and making it harder to implement app that works across different devices.

Thankfully there are some good solutions. Flex development team made a huge step forward and  they prepared tools for whole workflow.

If you’re interested in mobile development take a look at this video from Edge newsletter.

I’ll show part of this workflow also this week in Prague at Android Dev Camp. So feel free to stop by. We can discuss many topics related to mobile and Flex/AIR. 😉

2. May 2011

21.5. 2011 – Prague – androidDevCamp

I was invited to give a talk about development based on Adobe AIR platform for Google Android. 🙂

This is my favorit topic. AIR platform has been here for several years and it is quite mature. It provides solid framework for large range of applications. AIR platform is good for developing small apps or even the big enterprise systems.

Flex/AIR framework is open source. Flash Builder IDE based on Eclipse is very useful tool for developers.

You can find more details about this event at aDevCamp.cz.

It’s great opportunity to meet people from Android community.