15. June 2012

What is YSoft SafeQ?


You can find more  Y Soft videos at Youtube.

17. April 2011

How to store video stream from Airlive camera

Airlive OD-325HD is quite good outdoor camera with night vision. This feature is quite useful when you need to monitor shop or outdoor areas.

OD-325HD camera is able to send video stream and images via TCP/IP.

How to dump image from the camera?

Wget can do all the magic.

wget "" \

What about video stream?

In this case we will need mencoder. This tool is able to read RTSP stream and store it into the file. I was playing with parameters until I found configuration for OD-325HD.

Note for Debian users: I suggest to use version from debian-multimedia.org. You can add following line into /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org/ stable main

You can dump stream using following command:

mencoder  -v rtsp://username:somepass@ \
 -rtsp-stream-over-tcp \
 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -o dump.avi

VLC plays stored video without problem. Note: Windows Media Player has some problems with playing this kind of data.

I found a lot of useful information at Covex page.

26. February 2011

Apps for Google Android – Video

Video recording from my talk about development of applications for Google Android is available at mojandroid.sk.

This video is available thanks to Fero Chovaňák.

5. January 2011

HTML5 native video

Do you want to embed video in your web site?

Oh, that’s easy. Just use video tag. :-)

Really? It’s little bit more complicated right now.

Stephanie Sullivan Rewis from W3Conversions explains details about HTML5 video and how to use fallbacks. She explains how to get rid of some quirks caused by modern web browsers.

Part 1: Understanding HTML5

Part 2: Getting started

Part 3: Maximizing HTML5 video access with Flash

Part 4: Flash with HTML5 fallback – choosing path

1. January 2011

WordPress – Raw HTML and problem with videos

When you want to embed video from Youtube or Vimeo in WordPress article you just enter URL of video into text.

There is one very useful plugin Raw HTML. This plugins allows you to include HTML content in post.

I was facing strange issue. When I turned on Raw HTML plugin then all embed videos stopped working. I was searching for cause of the problem. It seems that there is problem with priority of filter "wpautop" in Raw HTML code.

Original source from Raw HTML contains following code - raw_html.php - line: 139

add_filter( $tag, 'maybe_'.$func, 3 );

Some WordPress instances simply does not work with this value. I was playing with this priority value. I changed it to 8 and video started working again.

add_filter( $tag, 'maybe_'.$func, 8 );

Default installation of WordPress does not have this problem with Raw HTML plugin.

Now you can enjoy embed videos again.