11. September 2017

How to increase font size in Wireshark 2.4 on Windows

Wireshark is based on the new version of QT, and it has a similar problem on Windows like pgAdmin 4.

If you have a screen with higher density, the font will be too small.

The solution is to add one parameter for QT engine to handle DPI differently.

Open PowerShell as Administrator and go to the directory with Wireshark open qt.conf file:

cd "C:\Program Files\Wireshark"
notepad qt.conf

Write there following content:

WindowsArguments = dpiawareness=0

Save the file and start Wireshark.

Note: make sure that the file name is just qt.conf. Notepad could add .txt file extension when saving the file directly from Notepad.

Enjoy bigger font:

24. March 2017

How to start Wireshark on openSUSE

The simple way how to start Wireshark on Linux is to type:


If you run this command as a normal user you won’t be able to capture packets. In order to dump packets, you need to execute it as root. This must be done in a specific way. If try just sudo you’ll end up with interesting errors like:

Attempt #1

$ sudo su
# wireshark
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display 
Aborted (core dumped)

Attempt #2

$ sudo wireshark
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display 
[1]    8836 abort      sudo wireshark

The proper way how to start Wireshark is by gtk-su:

xdg-su -c wireshark

8. January 2011

How to dump POST response from server

In previous “POST” I mentioned solution how to dump client’s POST request at server side.

What about POST respose?

Start Firefox. Open Firebug Network monitor and…

… and it does not work properly for POST response.

Let’s try different solution. Start Opera. Open Dragonfly Network monitor and..

… and it does not work for POST response. Not implemented yet?

That is quite sad situation, but don’t worry there is simple solution.

There is plugin for Firefox known as HttpFox which works very well. (thanks to E. for link)

I would like to mention also one other tool known as Fideler2. It’s Windows application which allows you to track all HTTP communication from your computer.

Then there is another solution known as Wireshark. The only problem is that Wireshark does not work on Windows with some wireless interfaces.

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