28. January 2013

OSS weekend – 9.-10.2.2013 – Žilina

SOIT is orginizing event for friends of open source.

Read more at: http://ossconf.soit.sk/

19. May 2011

Žilina – Conference – Open source in research and IT solutions

OSSConf 2011

You can find more details at OSSConf 2011 web page.

15. April 2011

jQuery workshop – FRI Žilina – slides

I was invited to give another talk at FRI Žilina. Previous topic was development for Google Android platform.

This time I focused on jQuery.Together with Michal Kaukič we started jQuery workshop. Attendees learned basics of jQuery in two hours. At the end they have running application with simple animation in HTML.

You can download slides in PDF version.

You can also download ZIP file with all demo applications.

I was using IntelliJ Idea IDE. It has very intelligent code completion for jQuery, JavaScript and HTML.

I suggest to download also jQuery Cheat Sheet, it is very handful manual.

I mentioned two interesting projects. One was Adobe Browser Lab which allows you to get snapshot of your web site displayed in different browsers on different systems.

The second project was jQuery Mobile. This project could help you to create applications for mobile environment.

I provide this workshop also in form of training for companies. You can find more details about available trainings at sinusgear.com.

Do not forget to watch lauch of Adobe CS5.5 Dreamweaver. Adobe promised to provide support for packaging JavaScript application as a native app for Apple iOS, Google Android and Blackberry.

28. February 2011

8. 3. Cloud technologies – Žilina

SOIT is organizing another event in Žilina.

This time topic will be: Red Hat – Cloud technologies and enterprise Linux.

When? 1:00pm.

Where? Congress center – FRI ŽU.

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Some further details: cz.redhat.com

26. February 2011

Apps for Google Android – Video

Video recording from my talk about development of applications for Google Android is available at mojandroid.sk.

This video is available thanks to Fero Chovaňák.