21. January 2017

How to freeze 1st row and 1st column in LibreOffice Calc 5

I was wondering how to freeze 1st row and 1st column in Calc. The solution is quite simple. Here is how to freeze cells in Calc for Linux.

Select cell B2 (it will serve as reference point), click Window (documentation often refer to View menu, which was not my case), click Freeze.

Done :-)

15. April 2012

LibreOffice – How to turn off auto correction

LibreOffice has auto correction feature. It is turned on by default.

It could lead to quite annoying behavior. When you want to type pri then LibreOffice will turn it to při.

In order to turn off this auto correction go to Tools menu – AutoCorrect Options…

Then go to Options and disable option Use replacement table.

You can find more information about auto correct options at help.libreoffice.org.